Lake Russell Recreation & Tourism Coalition’s Mission Statement is to encourage, facilitate and develop Lake-focused activities, events and opportunities that will enhance the quality of life for all of the Lake Russell communities.

On January 17, 2012, a group of nineteen members of the Lake Russell community gathered together to dream and make plans for the future of the community and quality of life in Lake Russell.

Lake Russell features so many natural resources that are simply not getting the amount of attention that they should. From the gorgeous lake to the lush woods surrounding it, many people are only just now discovering the vitality surrounding them, and the LRRTC takes seriously the responsibility of engaging the community with the beauty in which it lives. The core beliefs of the Lake Russell Recreation & Tourism Coalition (LRRTC) are faith, family, and heritage, the bases for any thriving community.

The LRRTC works in conjunction with the Calhoun Falls Chamber of Commerce. Together with the community and different organizations, the LRRTC strives to publicize and proudly exhibit the natural resources of the community, enhance the quality of life in the community, create positive synergy, and create and sustain an engaged community. We are excited about what has been accomplished, and are even more excited about what is to come!